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Commission Info

I will be opening commissions once per month, but not every month. Usually after the 10th of each month. 

To get notified via discord, you can join my Discord Server and get the @commission role.

In order to get a slot, you need to fill in a form. You'll see an example of it below. You can access the form using the button below.

Commission Portfolio

Will draw:

  • SFW

  • NSFW

  • Bestiality

  • Size/age difference

  • Hair/smell, etc


Won't draw:

  • Extreme fetishes

  • Complicated Armor

  • Complicated Background

  • MMO custom characters


Terms of Service

Payment up front once the rough sketch is done, via PaPal.

Updates will be provided in constantly. Major changes can be made during the rough sketch stage, but only minor edits or error corrections may be pointed out beyond that.

Only message me with serious inquiries about commissions.

I reserve all rights to the art, to be streamed, shared on social media, used as Subscriber rewards, or reproduced as merch. If you'd prefer a private commission, this must be specified in advance.

You as the commissioner have the right to share the image freely, as long as you link back to me when appropriate. When using my art as an icon or banner, you must tag me in your bio as long as it's up.
(ex: pfp by @Cheeso_art)

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